Events: An exhibition of mystic and expressive works

14 aprile 2011
Fonte: The Malta Independent

Opus 64 Galerie, Sliema is currently exhibiting the works by Mariella Crosio, an Italian artist of international acclaim. The highest form of creation, the human being, is portrayed through a variety of mixed media in the most minimal of ways. Mariella Crosio’s paintings depict just a pair of eyes and hints of facial features. These beings, rather like the un-manifest souls in Raphael Sanzio’s Sistine Madonna (c.1512-14), look out at the observer, seemingly wondering whether to exist in our world or not.

In Crosio’s work these forms, attired in their paint and texture, are veiled – by what? Wearing no specific costume, custom or culture, this humanity reaches from the depths of consciousness out to us. Shall we grace them with our awareness and acknowledge their existence?

Thus the observer may give them a space in which to be, to become human beings, embraced as they are, and allowing a completeness only in our inter-relationship and the revelation that we are all one and of the same source. The exhibition is open until 30 at Opus 64 Galerie, 64 Tigne Street, Sliema.

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